Kullhaus Qualis dehumidifiers with ionizer


Qualis 12L ION

Suitable for approx. 80m²
Max Rated power 145W
Air Flow 155 m³/h
3 Fan speed

Kullhaus Qualis 12l ion dehumidifier technical data
Low Energy Digital dehumidifier with ionizer

Qualis 20L ION

Suitable for approx. 150m²
Max Rated power 265W
Air Flow 155 m³/h
3 Fan speed

Low Energy dehumidifier 20 liters with ionizer
dehumidifier Qualis TRI-COLORS LIGHT - Auto Function

Kullhaus Dehumidifiers: Built Quality

At Kullhaus we did not just want to make another series of dehumidifiers. The central thinking was the design of a high quality domestic dehumidifier, which will fit harmoniously at home. Kullhaus dehumidifiers have been designed with three basic principles in mind: the highest built quality standards, the lowest possible consumption, which will operate as quietly as possible.

When buying a Kullhaus dehumidifier you know that you have a premium product that guarantees the ideal humidity level in your house. Remove black spots on the walls, painted surfaces ready to peel, worn furniture, inflated wooden floors, dripping windows, etc Typical humidity conditions at home, office or cottage that we all have faced. Moisture problems that eventually cost us a fortune, over and over again.

Kullhaus dehumidifiers absorb excess indoor humidity, creating the ideal living conditions. You can digitally adjust your preferred room humidity levels and the dehumidifier will do the work silently and with low operating costs. Kullhaus dehumidifiers are designed to put an end to moisture problems..

dehumidifiers Kullhaus Qualis with ionizer

Save up tp 20% on heating costs

Surely you’ve notice how hard it is to heat a house with high relative humidity (for example, when a house remains closed for a long time) and how much more expensive it becomes. With the daily use of a Kullhaus dehumidifier, your house will maintain the correct relative humidity levels. Dry air will heat much faster than wet air (fewer water molecules in the air to heat up).

Using a Kullhaus dehumidifier you will see a remarkable difference in how quickly your house can be heated and the heating costs decreasing. The money you would spend on the heating bill is much more than the money you spend on the operation of the dehumidifier. In fact, the best way to waste money is not to use a dehumidifier and let the level of relative humidity be high!

Put an End! to Humidity and Allergies.

Studies on the effects of high humidity demonstrate that high relative humidity directly affects the incidence of respiratory allergies. The survival of airborne infectious bacteria and viruses is minimized when the relative humidity is between 40 and 70%.

Epidemiological studies also found that respiratory infections affect less people living and working in a medium with low or very high humidity.

Kullhaus dehumidifiers eliminate unhealthy symptoms of wet air, mites, mold spores and other health-damaging elements.