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Kullhaus dehumidifiers

Premium Quality Dehumidifiers

At Kullhaus, we didn’t want to produce just another series of dehumidifiers. Our goal is to develop a high quality dehumidifier that fits harmoniously into your home. Kullhaus dehumidifiers were designed with three principles in mind: the highest quality of manufacturing and the lowest possible consumption of the dehumidifier, which operates as quietly as possible. With the purchase of a Kullhaus dehumidifier, you have the certainty of owning a high-quality product that will permanently maintain the ideal, healthy humidity level in your home.
Kullhaus Qualis 12L dehumidifer

Qualis 12L ion

Kullhaus Qualis 20L. Low Energy Dehumidifier

Qualis 20L ion

Kullhaus Qualis 25L. Low Energy Dehumidifier

Qualis 25L ion

Kullhaus desiccant dehumidifier DDQ10L


Kullhaus dehumidifiers control effectively humidity levels and reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth.

Kullhaus dehumidifiers - advantages