Kullhaus Qualis 12L Low Energy Dehumidifier

Kullhaus Qualis 12L

– dehumidifier ionizer –

Quality that... makes a difference!

The Kullhaus Qualis 12L ION dehumidifier innovates in 3 key areas:

  • Lower Power Consumption with even greater performance
  • Even more Silent Operation
  • Unique Design that blends harmoniously into your space

Low consumption dehumidifier

With the KULLSAVE energy saving function, the Kullhaus Qualis 12L ion dehumidifier further reduces operating costs. Kullhaus guarantees the lowest consumption on the market! Actual consumption metrics are relentless.

  • measured consumption only 170w!
  • sleep mode [Standby position] 0.4w!
  • Digital settings guarantee that the dehumidifier will work exactly as needed, offering even greater money savings.
  • if you follow the tips, under normal conditions your dehumidifier will be in Standby position 70% of the day!
Kullhaus Qualis 12L dehumidifer

Unique Features








The Energy Saving Smart Operation

When the target relative humidity is reached, the unit will operate only the fan in low speed for 3 minutes, then will stop for 17 minutes. The fan will then run for 2 minutes to check the relative humidity.

If the relative humidity has risen above the target humidity (HS)+3%, the Kullhaus Qualis will start operating again. If the relative humidity remains below the target level, Kullhaus Qualis will fall back to sleep for an additional fan works in low speed for about 3 minutes, then stop for 17 minutes.

Kullhaus Qualis 12L dehumidifier
Kullhaus Qualis 12L ion
DIGITAL LED CONTROL TOUCH PANEL – Hight End Digital Control Panel. Digital accuracy and aesthetics perfection. With one touch you adjust the target room humidity level.
TRI-COLORS LIGHT – Through a discreet color changing light Qualis 12L ION informs you about the level of humidity in the room. Humidity >65%, red light [hight humidity], humidity ≤65% yellow [medium humidity], humidity 55%≤ green [ideal humidity].
Auto Function – Kullhaus Qualis 12L ION is a smart appliance that will preserve the moisture levels you choose.
SLEEP MODE – is used mostly during night time. The fan will work on low speed and all lights are deactivated.
Timer – You can set for how long [0 to 24 hours] the dehumidifier will work and then automatically shut off.
IONIZER – Kullhaus Qualis 12L ion it has a powerful built-in space ionizer, which cleans the room air from pollutants. It can be enabled / disabled from the touch screen
SMALL SIZE – It features castors for easy transportation from room to room. Only 21 centimeters deep.

Qualis 12L ION


Kullhaus Qualis 12L ION
Suitable for
80m² approx.
Max Power Consumption
170W [Rated power 27℃ - RH60%]
Power Supply
220-240V~ 50Hz
Extraction Rate
12L/day (30℃ HR 80%) 8L/day (27℃ HR 60%)
Air Flow
High: 140 m³/h Medium: 125 m³/h Low: 110 m³/h
Noise Level
Hight: 45 dB(A) Medium: 43 dB(A) Low: 41 dB(A)
Laundry operation
Auto Restart
Digital LED Control Panel
Digital Timer
✔ 0 - 24 hours
Fan Speed
Permanent Drainage
✔ Hose Included
Operating Temperature
Net Weight
12.4 kg
Gross Weight
13,9 kg
Unit Dimensions (WxDxH) mm
360 × 234 × 569
Box Dimensions (WxDxH) mm
425 × 275 × 627
2 Year