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Air Cleaners Ionizers Kullhaus


Kullhaus Air Cleaner Ionizer AERO


Air Cleaner with HEPA filter
Suitable for approx. 60m²
Max Rated power 55W
Air Flow 500 m³/h
5 Fan speed
3 + Turbo + Sleep mode

Air Cleaner Kullhaus AERO+


Air Cleaner with HEPA filter
Suitable for approx. 45m²
Max Rated power 40W
Air Flow 380 m³/h
5 Fan speed
3 + Turbo + Sleep mode

Air Cleaner Kullhaus AERO

Clean Air is a must!

At Kullhaus we believe that nowadays the daily use of air purifier – ionizer in
office and home is not a luxury. Now the protection of the family from viruses, weatherphenomena such as African dust and pollution is an urgent need. Air quality that we breathe is inevitable, as well as an urgent need!
The air quality in the house is up to 100 times more polluted than the outside air.
Allergens, such as dust mites, dead pet skin cells,
Bacteria, viruses and pollen are all around, contributing to the health problems that exist today.
At Kullhaus we believe in the fresh air and wellness that the family should enjoy
at home. We create and design premium air purifiers for healthy atmosphere.

Clean Air guaranteed

At Kullhaus we believe in the well-being and fresh air that the family can enjoy at home. Our goal is to always design products that the family will live with and be part of everyday life.

We design efficient air treatment appliances of the highest quality. Kullhaus Air Cleaners Ionizers feature the latest air purification methods. They will be the shield of protection for you and your family against the growing polluting phenomena of our time.

We believe that using an air cleaner in the office or at home is not a luxury. Especially n our days, family protection from pollution is imperative.

Patent [4 in 1] 360 ° Kullhaus FILTER: ensures more effective retention of a large number of microscopic pollutants and a cleaner atmosphere!

Air Cleaners Ionizers Kullhaus
Air Cleaners Ionizers Kullhaus AERO

True HEPA 360° guarantees fresh air

  • Pre-filter: filters odors and tiny particles of 20 microns, such as dust, animal hair, mold spores, pollen, etc.
  • Anionic sterilization: effectively inhibits the growth and reproduction of microbes to avoid long-term use of secondary pollution.
  • PM2.5 Particulate Removal Filter
  • 0.3μm microparticle removal filter
  • Formaldehyde removal filter: a patented catalytic composition filter that achieves the absorption and catalytic decomposition of formaldehyde.
  • Negatively charged ions of high concentration enhance health: the air ionizer can improve mental clarity, calmness, alleviate allergies.

Clean the filter frequently in order to extend its life and to be able to clean the air to 100%.