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Kullhaus alpha Q20L

Kullhaus alpha Q20L

– Low Energy dehumidifier –

Premium dehumidifier that makes a difference!

Investing in a high-quality dehumidifier can significantly improve the comfort and health of your home. With Kullhaus Alpha Q20L, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using a product designed to the highest quality standards. Not only is Kullhaus Alpha Q20L effective at removing excess moisture from the air, but it also operates quietly as an air cleaner and with low power consumption, helping you save on your electricity bills. Additionally, by maintaining ideal humidity levels in your home, Kullhaus Alpha Q20L can prevent issues like black spots on walls, peeling paint, and damaged furniture, which can be expensive to fix. By choosing Kullhaus Alpha Q20L, you are selecting a product backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction and a dedication to improving the quality of life in homes and offices worldwide. Why settle for a mediocre dehumidifier when you can invest in a product that genuinely makes a difference?

Kullhaus alpha Q20L dehumidifier innovates in the following key areas:

  • 20 liter dehumidifier with the Lowest Power Consumption
  • Silent Operation
  • Premium built quality
  • Digital indications
  • User friendly
  • Compact dimensions
  • Minimal Design that blends harmoniously into your space

Low Energy dehumidifier

With the KULLSAVE energy saving function, the Kullhaus alpha Q20L dehumidifier further reduces operating costs. Kullhaus guarantees the lowest consumption on the market, only 230W [Rated power 27℃ – RH60%]! The actual consumption metrics are relentless.

  • measured consumption only 245w!
  • sleep mode [Standby position] 0.6w!
  • Digital settings guarantee that the dehumidifier will work only when needed, offering even greater money savings.
  • if you follow the tips, under normal conditions your dehumidifier will be in Standby position 70% of the day!

Ultra silent operation

Kullhaus alpha Q20L dehumidifier is probably the LESS NOISY 20 liter dehumidifier. It is not only the low noise levels of the compressor [40/44dBA real measurements] that make the Kullhaus alpha Q20L one of the quietest dehumidifiers for 130 sq.m. Equally important is the quality of the plastic parts and the robust construction of the dehumidifier, that eliminate any crackling of plastics during the operation of the device.

Dehumidifier & Air Cleaner

Kullhaus alpha Q20L dehumidifier is one o the few dehumidifiers that can operate exclusively as an air cleaner. Set the “Air Purifying Mode” and the unit will work with high fan speed without dehumidifying. The ionizer will be turned on automatically.

  • DUST filter (included)
  • Kullhaus medical H13 HEPA filter (included)
  • Sterilising IONIZER

Probably the best dehumidifier for 130m²

Kullhaus alpha Q20L is the best dehumidifier for spaces up to 130 square meters.
It can eliminate excess moisture, prevent the growth of mold and mildew and clean the air at the same time. You’ll enjoy a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment, free from the harmful effects of dampness and high humidity.
Invest in the best dehumidifier for your space and experience the benefits of the Kullhaus alpha Q20L.

Kullhaus alpha Q20L dehumidifier air purifier with medical H13 HEPA filter and ionizer














The Energy Saving Smart Operation

When the target relative humidity is reached, the unit will operate only the fan in low speed for 1 minute, then will stop for 15 minutes. The fan will then run for 1 minute to check the relative humidity.

If the relative humidity has risen above the target humidity (HS)+3%, the Kullhaus Qualis will start operating again. If the relative humidity remains below the target level, Kullhaus Qualis will fall back to sleep for an additional fan works in low speed for about 1 minute, then stop for 15 minutes.

Kullhaus Dehumidifier alpha Q13L
DIGITAL LED CONTROL TOUCH PANEL – Hight End Digital Control Panel. Digital accuracy and aesthetics perfection. With one touch you adjust the target room humidity level.
Auto Function – Kullhaus alpha Q13L is a smart appliance that will preserve the moisture levels you choose.
SLEEP MODE – is used mostly during night time. The fan will work on low speed and all lights are deactivated.
Timer – You can set for how long [0 to 24 hours] the dehumidifier will work and then automatically shut off.
[1] DUST filter [2] Medical H13 HEPA filter [3] IONIZER
dehumidifier Kullhaus alpha Q20L

Kullhaus alpha Q20L


Kullhaus alpha Q20L
Suitable for
130m² approx.
Max Power Consumption
245W [Rated power 27℃ - RH60%]
Power Supply
220-240V~ 50Hz
Extraction Rate
20L/day (30℃ HR 80%) 12L/day (27℃ HR 60%)
Air Flow
High: 190 m³/h Low: 160 m³/h
Noise Level
Hight: 44 dB(A) Low: 40 dB(A)
Auto Restart
DUST filter
MEDICAL H13 HEPA filter (included)
Laundry operation
Digital Control Panel
Digital Timer
✔ 0 - 24 hours
Fan Speed
Permanent Drainage
✔ Hose Included
Operating Temperature
Net Weight
14.9 kg
Gross Weight
16.5 kg
Unit Dimensions (WxDxH) mm
378 × 273 × 580
Box Dimensions (WxDxH) mm
425 × 330 × 640
2 Year