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Kullhaus AERO

Air cleaner for 20 to 45m²
Kullhaus Air Cleaner Ionizer AERO

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air quality control

advanced air cleaning system

innovative [4 in 1] 360° HEPA filter


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Air Cleaners Ionizers Kullhaus AERO
The problem

Poor indoor air quality

Around 90% of our time is spent indoors like homes, workplaces, or schools. The World Health Organization states that indoor air is 2-5 times more contaminated than outdoor air. These invisible pollutants, which can have detrimental effects on our health, particularly impact those with allergies. Extended exposure to subpar indoor air quality has been associated with fatigue, a decline in overall wellness, respiratory issues like asthma and allergies, as well as more severe conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer. Furthermore, indoor air pollution can aggravate cardiovascular problems and even impact cognitive function.

operation of the air cleaner

The Kullhaus AERO air purifier effectively draws in air from the room, actively eliminating harmful substances like bacteria, mites, pollen, cigarette smoke, gases, chemical compounds, dust, and fine particles. Once purified, the air is released back into the interior, promoting a clean and healthy environment. This not only enhances overall well-being but also safeguards the most susceptible individuals from the risks associated with allergies, asthma, or respiratory illnesses.

CADR value (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

The CADR value quantifies an air purifier’s capacity to supply clean air to a given area, measured in cubic feet per minute. To illustrate, if an air purifier has a CADR rating of 500 for dust particles, it can diminish dust particle levels to the same degree as introducing 500 cubic feet (14.16 cubic meters) of fresh air every minute. Essentially, the CADR value serves as a gauge of an air purifier’s effectiveness and is the sole objective criterion that enables consumers to readily assess an air purifier’s efficiency.

quality is of utmost importance

The effectiveness of an ionizer air purifier is determined by the quality of its air filtration process. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize the quality of the filters. Filters of higher quality have a greater capacity to trap a significant amount of pollutants. For instance, it is imperative that the Kullhaus AERO & AERO+ ionizer air purifiers are equipped with a genuine HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, rather than a filter that merely resembles or imitates the HEPA standard.

PM2.5 particles

Air pollution is usually measured according to exposure to particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers. Once we inhale particles of this tiny size, we allow them to be absorbed deep into the bloodstream and cause potentially far-reaching health problems.

The source of PM2.5 can be diverse: fuel combustion, industrial emissions, agricultural activities from the burning of plant materials and dust produced by agricultural activities, dust from construction and road construction, cigarette smoke, natural disasters such as forest fires, the volcanic eruptions, Ms. The respiratory system reacts sensitively to these small particles and long-term exposure to PM2.5 is linked to serious respiratory problems, such as airway disease, shortness of breath, heart disease and even an increase in the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

special Kullhaus 360° HEPA filter [4 in 1]

The Kullhaus AERO & AERO+ air purifiers are equipped with the patented 4 in 1 Kullhaus 360° HEPA filter.

  • Pre-filter: filters odors and microscopic particles of 20 microns, such as dust, animal hair, mold spores, pollen, etc.
  • Anionic sterilization: effectively inhibits the growth and reproduction of microbes, in order to avoid the long-term use of secondary pollution.
  • Filter to remove suspended particles PM2.5
  • 0.3μm micro-particles removal filter
  • Formaldehyde removal filter: patented filter of catalytic composition that achieves the absorption and catalytic decomposition of formaldehyde.
  • Highly concentrated negatively charged ions promote health: air ionizer can improve mental clarity, calmness, relieve allergies.

how many hours should the air purifier run?

Several factors influence how long an air purifier should be used, including room size, air quality, and occupant needs. To maintain a healthy environment, it is generally advised to run the air purifier for 4-6 hours daily in a regular space. However, this recommendation may differ. Continuous operation may be beneficial in instances of severe air pollution or for specific requirements like allergies. Regardless, Kullhaus suggests utilizing the automatic mode, allowing the air purifier to adjust its intensity according to the level of air pollution.

air changes per hour

Kullhaus AERO air changes per hour
3 4 5 6 7 8
124m³ 93m³ 74m³ 62m³ 53m³ 46m³

how often does the filter need to be replaced?

The duration for filter replacement depends on the level of air pollution in the room and the frequency of air purifier usage. Typically, filters should be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Kullhaus AERO & AERO+ air purifiers come equipped with a filter change indicator. Once the device has been in operation for 2000 hours, an LED display will flash to signal that it is time to replace the filter. This feature guarantees that the filter is functioning optimally and effectively removing pollutants from the air.

Kullhaus AERO


Καθαριστής Αέρα AERO έχει σχεδιαστεί για να συνυπάρχει αρμονικά στο χώρο του σπιτιού ή και του γραφείου, η συσκευή που καθημερινά θα καθαρίζει τον αέρα που αναπνέετε.

CADR 380 m³/h

Ο Καθαριστής Αέρα AERO έως και 99% των δυνητικά επιβλαβών ατμοσφαιρικών ρύπων, καθώς και ιών, αλλεργιογόνων και βακτηρίων από τον αέρα. Με βαθμολογία CADR 380 m³ ο Kullhaus AERO εγγυάται καθαρό αέρα δωματίου για σας και την οικογένειά σας.

Είτε επιθυμείτε να αφαιρέσετε αλλεργιογόνα, μυρωδιές, χημικές ουσίες, καπνό τσιγάρου, σκόνη, ιούς, μικρόβια και βακτήρια, είτε απλά επιθυμείτε καθαρό και υγιεινό αέρα, ο καθαριστής αέρα ιονιστής Kullhaus AERO αποτελεί τη σύγχρονη λύση για καθαρό αέρα στο σπίτι ή το γραφείο.

Air Cleaner Kullhaus AERO
Kullhaus Air Cleaner Ionizer AERO
CLEAN AIR GUARANTEED – Removes up to 99% of potentially harmful air pollutants, allergens and bacteria from the air flow.
AIR SENSOR – Intelligent Dust PM2.5 sensor technology monitors uninterruptedly air quality in the room.
380 m³/h CARD score (Clean Air Delivery Rate) guarantee the efficiency of the air purifier.
360° FILTER Patent [4 in 1] 360° filter, for more effective absorption of microparticules. Pre-filter | nano-silver coating | original HEPA filter | activated carbon filter
AERODYNAMICS DESIGN – Air channel design for better air intake, air outlet.
QUALITY LIGHT INDICATOR – When the light indicator turns green you know that the air you breath is clean.
FILTER REPLACEMENT INDICATOR – You will be notified when it is time to replace the filter.
SMALL RUNNING COST – At Kullhaus we keep low the cost of replacing the air filter. We want that the air you breath is always fresh and clean.

Dust Sensors | Motion sensor


PM2.5 Sensor

PM2.5 (ug/m³) 0-75 76-150 151-500
Air quality level Good Average Bad
Fan speed 1 2 3
Indicator light color Green Yellow Red

M2.5 airborne particles with a diameter of less than 2.5μm (micrometers)


Kullhaus Air filter 360
Kullhaus HEPA 360° HEPA filter

AIR FILTER 360° [4 in 1]


The pre-filter is a relatively wide-angle filter that captures the largest diameter airborne particles. Protects and extends the life of the HEPA filter.


Silver nanoparticles have excellent antimicrobial properties. When it comes into contact with bacteria and fungi, nanosilver affects the structure of bacterial cells and prevents their growth.

Active carbon filter

Granulated activated carbon and has a large total surface area and a high degree of efficiency. The pores are highly absorbent, forming a strong chemical bond/attraction to odors, gases and polluting liquids. Neutralizes chemicals, gases, odors, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and cigarette smoke.

HEPA 13 filter

The HEPA 13 (High Efficiency Particle Arresting) filter is made of tiny glass fibers that have been turned into a densely woven paper. This creates a filter consisting of a multitude of very small “sieves” that can capture extremely small particles, including some biological elements. The HEPA filter removes over 99% of microscopic particles (sizes less than 0.3µm) such as pollen, dust mites and fungal spores and other particles such as bacteria, etc.

Space ionizer

The air ionizer produces negatively charged ions. Charged particles tend to attach to pollutant particles smaller particles in the air of the room and statically charge them. The charged particles then tend to clump with other particles and form larger clumps, which can then be more easily absorbed by the air cleaner filter.

air cleaner

Kullhaus AERO


Power Supply
AC230V~ 50Hz
Power Consumption
380 m³/h 122SCFM
Suitable for
Noise Level
65dB(A) High
Fan Speed
3 + Turbo + Sleep mode
1-24 h
ΡΜ2.5 display range
Particles sensor PM2.5
7.8 kg
Dimension (WxDxH)
305 x 306 x 604

PM2.5 in ug/m³

PM2.5 in ug/m³
Air quality level
Fan Speed
Color light

PM2.5 in ug/m³

PM2.5 in ug/m³
Air quality level
Fan speed
Color light

PM2.5 in ug/m³

PM2.5 in ug/m³
Air quality level
Fan speed
Color light
Based on the measured PM2.5 values, you can select the appropriate fan speed using the following tables. Alternatively, you can use the AUTO mode that automatically adjusts the performance level.

When the CO2 up to 1800ppm, the yellow color light starts flashing | Please open the window for ventilation.