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Clean the air in your house

Kullhaus Air treatment appliances

Better Air!

Kullhaus premium quality

Kullhaus specializes in the designing premium air treatment products. Dehumidifiers and air purifiers/ionizer compose the range of Kullhaus top quality products of advanced technology and excellent design. The goal is to create a healthy environment at home.


Kullhaus keeps its promise of quality by designing products state-of-the-art technology, adapted to the needs of the modern family for the healthy air.

Air treatment appliances by Kullhaus dehumidifier

Kullhaus dehumidifiers

When you buy a Kullhaus dehumidifier you know that you own a high quality product that guarantees to maintain the ideal humidity in your home. Kullhaus dehumidifiers were designed with three basic principles in mind: the highest build quality standards, the lowest possible consumption, which will operate as quietly as possible.

Kullhaus guarantees the lowest consumption on the market!
Kullhaus dehumidifiers are equipped with  the smart energy saving function KULLSAVE.

Air treatment appliances by Kullhaus air cleaner

Air Cleaners Kullhaus

Premium air cleaners / ionizers Kullhaus. They effectively deal with allergies, odors, the harmful elements of cigarette smoke, viruses, VOCs and other pollutants. They have one of the highest CADR scores in the European market, plus ionizer and very high high air flow to cover larger spaces.

Equipped with smart sensors [dust & VOCs] technology and the patented AERO 360° HEPA filter, Kullhaus air purifiers monitor indoors air quality and secure that the air your family breathes is the best it can be.