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Dehumidifier reduces heating costs

Kullhaus dehumidifiers help to reduce heating costs by about 20%. They continuously reduce and control humidity in the home or office, making the air drier and healthier. When the air is dry [50-60% relative humidity], the sensation of warmth especially increases, so we do not feel the room as wet and cold as before. So we will not turn on the heating.

Secondly, dry air warms up faster than humid air. This is because dry air has a lower dew point, which is the temperature at which the air begins to remain stable and below which the air begins to condense and release moisture. When moisture is absorbed by the objects and air in the room, additional energy is required to raise the temperature of the moist air and objects in the room.

Controlling room humidity with Kullhaus dehumidifiers reduces heating costs because dry air can be heated much faster, so the desired room temperature can be reached in less time, making heating more efficient.

Power consumption of the dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers with low consumption are the devices that consume as little energy as possible over time. You should know that the dehumidifier at home is in operation on average 4-6 hours per day. We recommend continuous and automatic operation of Kullhaus dehumidifiers, as they are designed to maintain the room humidity at the exact level you choose.

How to find out the consumption of the dehumidifier?

You should know that the consumption of a dehumidifier is measured at a temperature of 27°C and a relative humidity of 60% [rated capacity]. Any other conditions for consumption measurement are misleading. Check the label of the dehumidifier, pay attention to the consumption specification in watts and make sure that the manufacturer specifies the nominal power!

Kullhaus dehumidifiers are certainly among the most economical dehumidifiers in Europe, if not among the dehumidifiers with the lowest energy consumption.

Kullhaus low energy dehumidifiers
Comparative chart

Model Consumption (Rated Power) Coverage m²
Kullhaus alpha Q13L  145W 80m²
Kullhaus alpha Q13L Pro 145W 80m²
Kullhaus Qualis 12L  170W 80m²
Kullhaus alpha Q20L  245W 130m²
Kullhaus alpha Q20L Pro 245W 130m²
Kullhaus Qualis 20L  250W 130m²
Kullhaus Qualis 25L  290W 150m²

KULLSAVE  Energy Saving System

Additional energy savings

The Energy Saving Smart Operation

Set the relative humidity you want, ideally 50-55%. The dehumidifier will run for as long as needed and when the humidity drops to the desired level, the compressor will stop, the fan will run for about 3 minutes on low setting and the Kullhaus dehumidifier will go into sleep mode for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes only the fan will run for about 1 minute to check the relative room humidity. If the relative humidity has increased by +1% above the desired level, the dehumidifier will enter dehumidification mode. Otherwise, the fan will run for about 1 minute on low and the dehumidifier will go back to sleep for 15 minutes and so on.

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